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Make-Up Services

The Rejuvenation Clinic offer Clients Make-Up Services for all special occasions.

We aim to make you feel beautiful and confident for all the important moments in your life:

  • Your Wedding Day
  • A Milestone Birthday
  • Interviews
  • Corporate and Social Occasions
  • Family Portraits
The Rejuvenation Clinic uses products from an extensive range of commercial and professional brands, using our wealth of experience; we will work with you to create a look that you feel both comfortable and confident with. You will look and feel amazing.

Bridal / Special Occasion Make-up (Practice)

We recommend a practice before your big day or event. £40

Bride/ Special Occasions Make up (On the Day)

On the day of your wedding or event, you will be treated to a mini facial to refresh the skin. This will be followed by a professional application of make-up. £45

Make-Up Lesson

Learn new techniques and the tricks of the trade that will help you with your own make-up and enhance your looks. Skin Care advice also included. £48

The Rejuvenation Clinics unique Make up Lessons, aim to show you how easy creating different make-up looks can be. Many women can often feel intimidated by make-up, believing that application can require a very skilled hand and takes time to achieve even the most natural of looks. Well, we can assure you that it does not - in fact the opposite is true! A few simple tools and techniques shown to you will help you to achieve the look you have always wanted.

The potential to look great is at every woman's fingertips
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